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1XBET denial of withdrawal of funds and other possible problems

Let’s consider what non-standard or conflict situations with the withdrawal of money from 1XBET:

I can’t transfer money, because the SMS about the transaction confirmation does not come.

Check if you entered the data correctly – phone number, card, electronic wallet. Try to correct the data or carry out the procedure again after 5-10 minutes. If the SMS still does not come and money is not withdrawn from 1XBET – contact the support service.

I can’t transfer money, it displays a refusal, since there are few in the account.

There is nothing to be done; apparently, the amount that is on your deposit is less than the minimum amount for withdrawal in a specific way.

Refusal to withdraw funds, as the account is blocked. The report may be prevented if you are suspected of fraud with bets – contact the security service. Also, the account may be blocked from minors.

It is worth noting that in 1XBET, refusal to withdraw funds occurs only in extreme cases.

Is it possible to withdraw money without a passport?

It will not work to withdraw money without a passport; BC will definitely ask you to pass an identity verification. To do this, you will need to send a photocopy of your passport and, possibly, other documents by email. Sometimes, check through Skype is also required.

It is possible to open an account in the BC without a passport, but what is the point of doing this if you will sooner or later still need to present documents? Especially if you will often win. In any case, for the first withdrawal of funds from the account, you will need a passport, or maybe earlier. If a player opened an account and made bets before he reached the age of 18 (in some countries the age of majority is different), the account will be blocked along with money on deposit. Perhaps it will be unlocked when you are 18 years old, but not a fact.

What to do to withdraw money from 1XBET quickly and without problems?

So that there are no problems when withdrawing funds, follow the simple rules:

Do not delay the withdrawal from 1x bet until the last moment.

Carefully check the data that you enter to make the transfer.

Do not use the bookmaker for purposes other than betting that is, as an exchange or cash withdrawal system.

Do not withdraw more than some amount immediately. 

The reviews say that it is recommended to adhere to the framework of 75,000 rubles.

Do not keep large sums of money in the account of your office – either withdraw winnings or let them into the game. Otherwise, the security service will suspect you of financial fraud to conceal income.

Try not to use the option “Transfer to a friend,” which is available in your personal account, as this option is often used by scammers.

And the main advice for those who want to easily manage their account in 1XBET – deposit and withdraw money – do not try to deceive the office. The security service at a time calculates forklifts, adolescents, and scammers, blocks an account, and payment cannot be withdrawn using any of the existing methods.

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