Elitebet (Elite Bet) Bookmaker User Feedback

A Feedback about Elitebet

Let’s see how the Elitebet (elite bet) group works with the most hated form of fraud – deposits. They also give free bets that they cannot boast of the level of access and are made most likely merely for the type of activity. The former administrator was called Dmitry Nechaev, now Andrei Baburin. The change of administrator also indicates the transparent dishonesty of this group.

How does Elitebet operate?

Elitebet gives free forecasts with odds of about 1.6 coefficients. Also, it appears to be a little less often than after 1, and the bookmaker will not lead you anywhere except minus. Also, a bookmaker will not increase the odds, and this is honestly strange for such a group, but thanks for that in principle.

And from the paid, Elitebet has only deposits, and this can not be anything other than a fraud. The bookmaker promises to increase a deposit seven times in 5 hours. It is impossible, and there can be no talk about it. In such cases, money is accepted, and a player goes to the blacklist without any proceedings. You won’t even try to bet with your money, because it is impossible to achieve such indicators in such a short period of time.

This is intended for people who will bet for the first time since people who understand at least something in this will never believe in such a profit for such a time.

Conclusion about dealing with Elitebet

  • Give free bets for a view
  • Engage only in deposits, and this is the vilest form of fraud
  • These are pure scammers, and we hope you haven’t contacted them yet!

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