1XBET Money Withdrawal

How to withdraw money with 1XBET

To withdraw cash from 1XBET, you can use many options. 1XBET made sure to introduce all possible options for depositing and withdrawing funds from a 1XBET deposit. For a particular better, some methods will be active, while others will not be available. It all depends on your geographical location, or, more simply, the country of residence. Conveniently, the 1XBET system gives you only those options for receiving money that is available to you, and the rest is osteitis.

To withdraw funds to 1XBET in any way, you need to go to your personal account in a particular directory:

• We go to the site of BC 1XBET; if necessary, use a mirror or VPN.

• Log in by entering the username and password from your account.

• In the upper-right part of the page, there is a button that allows you to go to your personal account, click on it.

• In the user’s own account, there is a menu on the left. In it, we select the “Withdraw from account” section.

• The 1XBET system throws the user to the “Withdraw” page with all possible options for withdrawing money from the account. It remains only to choose the appropriate option and then follow the instructions of the 1XBET system.

Nuances and rules for withdrawing money from 1XBET

• The first thing you need to know about withdrawing funds from 1XBET – a percentage may be charged for this. The interest is taken not by the bookie, but by the company where your money goes – an electronic payment system, for example. The bookmaker itself does not receive a commission from a better to withdraw funds in any way.

• The second alert – on the 1XBET website, technical failures may occur during the withdrawal process, which will delay the process of receiving money. Therefore, do not postpone the conclusion to the last moment, especially if you need to withdraw money as quickly as possible. In general, you cannot store a large amount on a 1XBET account. Payment must be “spinning,” that is, used for bets, otherwise you will be suspected of fraud.

• How to withdraw money from 1XBET without SMS? There is no way to do this without SMS. SMS is the way 1XBET will make sure that the transfer is carried out by the account owner, whose phone number is associated with the account (a card, electronic wallet, etc.), and not the fraudster who hacked the account. If you do not have access to your old phone number, which was linked, contact the support service of bookmaker office 1XBET (bank, administration of the electronic payment system). After a simple confirmation of your identity, the phone number will be changed.

Consider the rules for withdrawing money from 1XBET for those methods that are most popular.

How to withdraw from 1XBET to a bank card

There is nothing complicated in this process if you have a Maestro or Visa bank card, Mastercard with 3Dsecure (that is, to make payments, you always get a security code on the phone attached to the card).

To withdraw money to the card of Sberbank or another banking institution, click on the appropriate option in the “Withdraw from account” deposit. In the pop-up window, enter the card number and the amount you want to transfer. When the SMS code arrives on the phone, you need to enter it in the pop-up box that appears on the 1XBET website. After that, you just need to wait for SMS about crediting money to the account.

Withdraw from 1XBET to the account of a mobile operator

If you have a small amount on your account or temporary difficulties and your mobile phone has run out of money, you can replenish your mobile account. You can top up not only your own but also any phone in general – a relative, friend. There is also nothing complicated, just select the withdrawal method “Mobile Payments” and choose your operator from the list. Further, the process is similar to the conclusion to the card. Only we enter the phone number instead of the card number. W top up wallets of Qiwi, Yandex.Money, Skrill, Jeton Wallet, Interkassa, and others, select the option you need and follow the prompts of the system. The process is exactly the same as in the previous two options, only you need to enter the electronic wallet number.

Withdraw funds from 1XBET to an electronic wallet

To replenish wallets Qiwi, Yandex. Money, Skrill, Jeton Wallet, Interkassa, and others, select the option you want and follow the prompts of the system. The process is exactly the same as in the previous two options, the only difference is that you need to enter the electronic wallet number.

How long does it take to withdraw money from 1XBET

In most cases, money from 1XBET is withdrawn really quickly, the whole process from the moment of application submission takes up to 15 minutes. Sometimes a transaction occurs within 1-2 minutes. 

Although there are times when money is delayed. For example, a transfer to a bank card can last even 3-7 days. If you want to receive your payment in cash, it will take 15 minutes if you are directly near the point of issue. Therefore, if cash is needed urgently, do not withdraw it to Qiwi, Yandex Money, WebMoney, or to the phone.

If money does not arrive at your mobile or electronic wallet within an hour, you need to make sure that the phone or wallet number has been entered correctly. If there were no errors on the part of the better, you could try to contact the administrator or a consultant of 1XBET. 

There are several ways to do this – contact the consultant online, call the telephone number specified on the 1XBET website, or write a request by email. The fastest way to solve the problem is through online consultation.

Minimum and maximum output size on 1XBET

It is worth noting that the minimum and maximum size of the withdrawal of money is limited not by 1XBET company, but by the financial company in which you have an account. For example, the Qiwi system set a minimum size for withdrawing funds in rubles – 1.56 USD.

The minimum payment amount for each withdrawal option is indicated when you click on a particular option.

If you use the 1XBET geolocation method when choosing the available withdrawal methods, then information about the minimum transfer amount will be displayed in the currency of your country.

Regarding the maximum withdrawal amounts – it is also set not by 1XBET. It is necessary to find out the conditions for using a particular system. 

Is it possible to withdraw money for 1XBET points

Points – this is a kind of cashback that pays 1XBET for all operations that are carried out by the bettor on the 1XBET site. Points are awarded for the replenishment of the account, for sports bets and other types of bets, for participation in games and lotteries. The higher the activity of the better on the site, the more points it accumulates. Each point is equivalent to 1 conventional unit in which your account is open. For example, for Russians, 1 point is 1 rub., And for Ukrainians, 1 point = 1 UAH.

However, it is impossible to withdraw money received as a cashback from 1XBET. They can be used for betting. That is, in the window of promotional codes in the Promo tab, you can exchange 100, 200, or more points for a free bet on football or another sport. Points are withdrawn, the better receives a code that enters the bet coupon without entering the bet amount. As a result, the bet was made, but not a dime was withdrawn from the better’s account. If your chance is played, you cash out the winnings – this is the only way to withdraw points from 1XBET.

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